• Malikah A. Shabazz

Get Out Of Your Way!

I have a confession to make.

Historically, I've struggled with producing things for myself while I've helped others flourish.

Let me explain.

I have historically loved helping creatives. Whether it's producing shorts, managing small creative companies, overseeing events, I'm in there. I do work. I truly enjoy what I do. However, while I work with ease when it comes to helping other, I've found it difficult to duplicate the same success for myself.

But why?

What could possibly be stopping me from helping myself like I help others. Well it's quite simple:


What was I (and maybe still am?) afraid of? Success.

As a result, I found ways to prevent myself from doing things I really wanted to do. I simply got in my own way. How? I found excuses for everything.

'Oh I don't have time.'

'Someone has already done this.'

'Lemme finish this project for this person first.'

And my biggest excuse:

'Oh I need to plan this out.'

And when I tell you I would plan things out? LISTEEEEN. I would have an idea. Make a plan. Wait 6 months and then come back around to it again...and make a plan. No where in there would I actually get around to DOING IT.

Eventually I had to get real with myself and say "Self, stop bulls--tin'. You're scared. I get it. Be scared now and happy later that you've completed it, instead of scared now and resentful later when you don't." It hasn't been easy either. I've had to be real with the sista in the mirror about what was holding me back. And it's clear as day, I was in my own way.

So how does one get out of their way? I honestly don't have the end all answer, but I can say this, it involves walking through that fear, trusting the process, and trusting the Divine. I set my intentions, make my prayer and get to work. Furthermore, I surround myself with others who will encourage and keep me on the straight path...and also call me out if I start getting in my own way again.

What about you? What are you (or have you) been doing to get in your own way and how are you overcoming it?

Feel free to share below!

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