• Malikah A. Shabazz

I Quit My Job.

This past Saturday was my last day at work. (This is going live on a Monday.)

I've been working this retail job for over a year in addition to freelance producing. To be completely transparent, I didn't want to apply for the job, but family pressure pushed me to do it, and I did. And got the job. And eventually went full time until I got a part time producing job so the retail job went back to part time. Now although I don't like working retail I'm grateful for the job as it was paying bills, but it was costing my sanity. So between working retail part time and my other producing job part time, I was exhausted. I know I wanted to freelance full time but didn't know how I could make the jump, especially when working 7 days a week took up all my time. Nonetheless I prayed to my Creator for a chance.

And then Corona happened.

My part-time producing job told us to work from home from the get-go, but my retail job waited a minute before shutting down and adopting a curbside model. They gave their employees an option, you can either come to work where they were assuring folks hours were available, and get paid an extra $2 per hour...


Stay home and they'll pay you your regular pay at the median hours you worked per week.

Although I was part time I still worked full time hours so I could either go to work and get a little bit more or stay home and get my normal hours. Sounds like an easy decision, right? Stay home and get that money!

Nope. I chose option 1 and chose to work.

Why would I go to work at a place I know I didn't want to be at when I could stay home and get paid? Because I was navigating from the mindset of being without. I chose $2 extra dollars (before tax that is) over my sanity. So on my first day of being at work with no customers I stood there miserable. I kept reminding myself of the extra two bucks, but two bucks is nothing compared to happiness. So after my shift, I texted my manager and told him I didn't feel comfortable and chose to stay home and get paid.

I chose me and it was the best decision ever.

I took two days to just rest and relax and after that got to work doing what I needed to do in order to live the life I want to live. The moment I bet on myself and existed in the mindset of abundance, things changed. So when I got furloughed from both jobs, I didn't feel any type of stress or anxiety. One because unemployment (duh) and two because I was putting things in place to live the life I wanted to live. In the past 3 months I was at home I got more accomplished than I did while working at the retail joint for almost 2 years. I was living the life I wanted, The Creator showed me the life I wanted, questions is, am I willing to work for it?

The question hit me face first when the retail job called me and said they were asking a select few employees to come back. You didn't have to accept however the general manager was required to report who accepted or not, meaning if I said no that could possibly affect my unemployment. So there I was a week later back in the place I hated. They said we'd get the extra $2 an hour until July 4th and I decided I'd stay until July 4th.

July 4th came. They extended the $2 pay, and I submitted my two-weeks notice. Those two weeks have come and gone and I'm officially put myself first. Yes I have other streams of income but this was a major one. However I have faith in My Creator and Myself.

Let's see what you've got, Malikah.

Kun Fayakun. Be And It Is.

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