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What Will Your Legacy Be?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I had a completely different post scheduled to go out today. But when we lost Chadwick Boseman Friday night, that all changed.

News of Chadwick's death caused the world's collective breath to stop, but for the Black community, it hit us differently. Chadwick was more than just an actor. He was the embodiment of class and meaningful work. Many folks used to joke that Chadwick was playing all of the famous Black biographical roles. However I believe Chadwick knew what his mission was and was carrying it out. You can tell that each role he picked, he picked for a reason and portrayed that role not only for himself but for us. He was very aware of the impact that his roles would have, especially T'Challa and he knew the importance of contributing in a positive and nuanced way.

Chadwick was our King, and he knew it. He never shied away from speaking about the importance of influence and diverse images of Black People on the screen. He knew how important and monumental Black Panther would be and approached the project with care and confidence, even when Ryan Coogler was unsure of if the film would work or not. Even in the midst of battling cancer, he chose and completed roles he knew would leave an everlasting impact on not only his fans, but this industry. I don't know whether or not he knew his time was limited (do we ever really know?) but he knew that he was leaving a body of work that spoke to the greatness of him, and us. He was crafting his legacy. And what a legacy it is.

My condolences to his wife Simone, family and friends. To all the fan across the world who loved him, honor his legacy by sharing his legacy. Watch his films. Show them to your children. His physical may no longer be with his, but his spirit lives on.

From Allah we come from and to Allah we return. Ameen.

Chadwick Boseman, we say your name. Ase.

Long Live The King. Wakanda Forever.

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